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Sūfiyya Crystal Ring Holder

Sūfiyya Crystal Ring Holder

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Fill your heads with dreams, hearts filled with love & home filled with Magic.

Made from natural gemstones & hand carved in Jaipur. Literally meaning Mystic, Sūfiyya
is as special as the jewels it keeps safe.

We have selected our crystals based on their beauty for your space, their power to heal & their endless mystery.
Each crystal measures 6cm tall. 

Rose Quartz: 

Rose Quartz has been used in love rituals and ceremonies for centuries and remains the stone of the hopeless romantic (for good reason – crystals with aphrodisiac properties are great for igniting passion between lovers), but it’s not just romantic love that this crystal embodies.  The Rose Quartz stone’s meaning is one of unconditional love in any form.  Whether that be self-love, family, platonic or romantic love, the way Rose Quartz facilitates love is through its ability to bring your consciousness to a higher level. 
P.S.  Keep Rose Quartz out of the sun, so as to not lose its pretty pink shade.


Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness, dispels negativity, opens up your intuition & helps you feel less juggled. It is the ideal stone to use while calming your mind during meditation.


Indian Opal:

Keeping an opal stone by your side brings loyalty, faithfulness & spontaneity to your environment. Opals strengthen the will to live and also is known to treat infections & fevers. It is also believed to ease in childbirth and alleviate PMS symptoms.

Material: Ethically sourced Stones from Jaipur. 

Slight variations in colour and shape may occur.


Size & Fit: 

Approximately 6cm high and 2.8cm wide at the base. 

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