We try to be as sustainable as possible here at Del Rio Jewels. 
All of our pieces are handcrafted in a small family run factory in Istanbul, Turkey. As such, their composition and colour may vary slightly from the image shown, but thats what makes each handmade piece special, a little something to call your own. 
We produce our costume jewellery using 14ct gold plated vermeil on 100% recycled 925 Sterling Silver. Just an FYI, Vermeil ("ver·may") is a unique blend of high quality, precious metals. Unlike regular gold plating, a thick layer of 14ct gold is layered on top of sterling silver, ensuring your piece lasts forever under good care.  We use Swarovski stones as our embellishments wherever stones are present in our jewellery. In some designs, we use 100% precious gems such as Turquoise, Opals, Rubies etc. 
Our Fine jewellery line comprises of solid gold and ethically sourced SI1 diamonds. Typically, we use 14ct gold, but this is customisable to your needs and budget.
If tarnishing occurs to 14ct gold, use a polishing cloth and rub it off, it'll look as good as new. Do not use the polishing cloth directly on gemstones. 
Our packing is made from recycled suede and paper by a small women led factory in Jaipur, India. This factory upskills and provides employment opportunities to women from Baori, Jaipur.
100% recycled sterling silver
& reusable pouches