Jewellery Care

 Jewellery's only job is to bring people joy. So taking care of us jewels makes the job easier for us both. 
Just a little care guide, from us to you. To enjoy us longer, follow along. Become our partners in crime. Our condifantes.
So lets get into it, shall we?
Swarovski stones
We're sturdy, shiny and often used in bulk. Just keep us safe by not knocking us down and banging us on your doorknobs.
We're extremely low maintenance. Practically invincible really. Unless of course you run a truck over us then we're not sure. If you really love us, use a soft toothbrush, some warm water and a lil soap and sparkle us back to health every once & again.
We're quite tough too. We don't like alcohol. Especially your perfume. And also the oven, we'll crack if you bake us. So just keep us cool and dry and a little rub down with your polishing cloth is all we need for maintanence.


Gold Plated Jewellery
We are made of 14K gold plated sterling silver at 2.5 microns thick. 
We enjoy a good wipe down with a polishing cloth. Especially when exposed to evil forces like moisturisers, sunscreen or sanitisers.
Sometimes even the oils in YOUR skin can affect us. Sorry, not sorry.
Just like how you like a good wipe down at the end of something gruelling, so do we. 
Just follow these simple rules with us and you'll be Gucci. 
Do not wear us in the pool or ocean. Just like how chlorine & saltwater leaves you dry, it strips us off our plating faster than you can say vacay. Any gemstones that you've chosen to stick into us also gets cloudy and dirty faster. 
Take us off before you shower and slather yourselves with lotion or perfume.
Whether you're swimming, soaking in the jacuzzi or just taking a shower, we don't wanna come along. 
Take us off before you exercise. We don't like sticking to your sweat either. 
Before you sleep, lay us down flat to avoid tangling / scratching just like how you like to lay flat to rest.
Be careful how you store us. Keep us in what we came in or a cozy velvety jewellery box. Also be careful how you stack us - especially soft stones like opals, emeralds and mother of pearl. 
If we're a necklace, make sure to clasp us to avoid any tangles with our friends that you've stored us with.
Don't let us get too hot! we don't like to be in the dryer by mistake in your clothes. we don't like to sit on a window sill because it looks cute and we definitely do not like baking in the sun. 
Don't garden with us. It's not our thing. Just like Henna our designer & mother, we do not like the dirt. 
Solid Gold Jewellery
A piece of fine jewellery from Del Rio Jewels is an investment in impeccable craftsmanship and a design that is truly yours. We are fine jewellery to last a lifetime & even longer. 


We should be worn everyday. Because you spent a lot of money on us. Not just for special occasions. If you do end up getting lucky and wearing us to bed, it's all good. We hope this happens a lot for you - and for us jewels.  

Your Jewels are precious & must be enjoyed. However, from time to time, despite yours and our best efforts to be sturdy, we know you humans are going to slip up and do some of these things we told you not to do to us. 
So if you need a repair, contact
 Some repairs are free, others are not. Read more about their policy here before emailing them. We don't want any part in that, we're just the jewellery. 
or is it just the beginning?