The Story


Timeless jewellery made to love, layer and last.

Behind every jewellery piece is story. For the everyday modern man and woman, each story is layered with reminiscence, life experience and cultural influences. It's simple: fine jewels are meant to be worn everyday, whatever you're doing. Our pieces are not meant to be locked away in drawers, but enjoyed everyday.



Jewellery that embodies you

Founded & creatively directed by Henna Thadani, Del Rio Jewels was inspired by Henna’s own journey as a cancer researcher by training, a full time mom, an entrepreneur and everything else in between. A jewellery designer by trade, but a story teller at heart. She brought her unique story and sense of style to the timeless pieces she carefully thought out with the hopes that every woman & man can create their own story in the jewellery they wear.

Each piece is an opportunity to celebrate you — in sterling silver or solid gold, with embellishments in either Swarovski stones or Natural diamonds. These pieces celebrate the way you work, play & move through life. 

"Im all about telling a story through your jewels. Every piece you layer, no matter how simple or detailed, tells some sort of a story about the wearer."

Handmade and versatile

Jewellery with a heart

As a mother to three boys, Henna appreciates how important it is for kids to have their basic needs met while going through medical treatments. With her cancer research background, it was with no doubt that through Del Rio Jewels, Henna wants to make an impact to a cause she is passionate about. We host quarterly charity sales where 100% of all proceeds go towards helping one child at a time at KKH Singapore, going through life threatening illnesses. Treatment costs can be daunting and no one, especially a child, should go through this alone. 

“Your jewellery is a mirror of you and your story: unique, special and full of love.” - Henna Thadani, Founder and Creative Director of Del Rio Jewels.