The Story

Del Rio Jewels: Jewellery that is your Armour. 

Founded by Scientist, Henna Thadani, whose travels around the world inspire her collections. Del Rio redefines precious jewellery through story telling. We create pieces in 14K gold plated sterling silver for our demi-fine line and solid 14K gold for our fine jewellery line. Our designs are all proudly inspired by the world, designed in Singapore and made and hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey.AboutUsDelRioJewelsJewellery that embodies you

In 2019, Del Rio Jewels came to life, after Henna’s first son, Rio, was born. It was a convergence of her passion for jewellery, science, being a mom and the frustration at the fact that we couldn’t do it all. 

A jewellery designer by trade, but a story teller at heart. She brought her unique story and sense of style to the timeless pieces she carefully thought out, with the hopes that everyone can create their own story in the jewellery they wear. Each and every one of us is strong and has the power to do it all - at DRJ, we make pieces to amplify that strength in you. 

We work slowly because it is in our nature. Our factory is made up of 6 people, all family. When you are slow with the pieces you create, it defines the true meaning of craftsmanship.

The only thing that fascinates us more than jewellery, is Science. With its forms, its strength, its multi-functionality and its creativity. Neither is random nor purposeful. Both are sturdy & meant to be played around with - to fully appreciate each other.

 Our earrings are not just earrings. They are brooches for your lapels and shoes. Adornments for your hairdo and hat. They can be adjusted to fit every lobe because every lobe is different, as we have come to find out. Take them apart and use them as pendants. The list goes on. 

 Although recognised for its dainty, colourful and personalised look, we are diversifying and redefining the “precious’ in jewellery with our individuality. We have been able to bring into the market 14K solid gold pieces which are affordable, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the finer things in life.

 “Growing up, I never had access to luxury like gold necklaces or rings and I wanted to change that. I want everyone to be able to have at least one solid gold piece in their jewellery arsenal.”

Jewellery with a heart

Our story does not just end with jewels. It is woven with a commitment to helping children. As a mother to three boys, Henna appreciates how important it is for kids to have their basic needs met while going through medical treatments. With her cancer research background, it was with no doubt that through Del Rio Jewels, she  wanted to make an impact to a cause she is passionate about. Since January 2021, We host quarterly charity sales where 100% of all proceeds go towards helping one child at a time at Kandang Kerbau Hospital, Singapore, going through life threatening illnesses. Treatment costs can be daunting and no one, especially a child, should go through this alone. 

 Ed in
Henna has leveraged her network within the medical community to identity needing children and ensure the funds are deposited directly to the  children or families to avoid any slippage.
Since the launch of this charity drive, Del Rio has managed to raise close to SGD$50,000 benefiting 14 children across 5 nationalities.


Del Rio Jewels is more than just jewellery. It is a way to celebrate YOU. Your power, your resilience and your strength.” - Henna Thadani, Founder and Creative Director of Del Rio Jewels.