The Story

Founded & creatively directed by Henna Advani, Del Rio Jewels is a collection of timeless & colourful jewellery handmade in Turkey for women to love, layer & last. A cancer researcher by training, Henna decided to focus on motherhood when her  son, Rio, was born. By self-admission, leaving a successful career in cancer research was not easy or desirable, but Henna cannot be happier & more proud of where she is today.
Wildly inspired by a wide array of life experiences, travel & exposure to different cultures, Henna found the need to create a jewellery brand that was both versatile & affordable for women of all backgrounds. Embodying her sense of style, Henna designs & sources jewellery from Turkey & is able to bring to life pieces that are both timeless & fun and made of 14K and 18K gold vermeil, and solid gold. 
The design of each piece is carefully thought out, with each piece being multifunctional, aiding in your seamless transitions from day to night. For example, Many of the earrings in her collection can be taken apart and worn as pendants & hair brooches. All of the pieces from the Tuyo Collection can be customised to showcase your unique style & personality.