Collection: Titli

Discover Titli,

Discover Titli, a collection inspired by the butterflies raw power and delicate beauty.

We created a series of delicate bracelets, rings & necklaces both in solid gold and gold plated silver, adorned in drilled gemstones of various forms. Embrace the beauty of the butterfly, together with its delicate wings, every time you wear a piece of Titli. The drilled gemstones give the piece a fluidity and flutter that you cannot explain. 

The butterflies delicate allure inspired this mini collection with each piece meticulously crafted in Istanbul. We wanted to make sure this collection was accessible to everyone and had a bit of colour that might resonate with you. 

Whether you like the colourful punch of a rainbow or the classiness that diamonds exude, Titli invites you to celebrate the beauty and rawness that shapes our existence in todays day and age. 

Transport yourself into the mystical daydream of a butterfly and carry its spirit with you, everywhere you go. It is said, where butterflies appear, angels are near.