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Á Ventura refers to 'The Adventure' in Spanish & 'By Chance' in Italian, quite apt considering the adventure I'm personally about to embark on - becoming a mom of 2!
Our precious moments in life are ones we should be thankful for & treasure, so let us help you protect them. We've always looked to the stars for answers and The Eye for protection. Jewellery is incredibly personal. It tells a story and I'm blessed to be able to bring these ideas to life. 
I love the idea of something meaningful finding permanence in a piece of jewellery. Being pregnant has sparked feelings in me I never knew could exist, one of which is a protective mother bear sentiment. I designed this collection with The Eye as the centrepiece, protecting my bubblier & I constantly. However, they're more than just good luck charms. They represent happiness, confidence, support, strength & to let you know that you are never alone. 
Adorned in rainbow hues of Swarovski's and plated in 14K-22K gold on Sterling Silver, this collection is in recognition to ancient beliefs, beauty and protection. 
In the spirit of protecting our loved ones, 10% of profits from each purchase on are donated to KKH Singapore, helping paediatric patients ease their financial burden. 

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